The Good Good Table Cover
The Good Good Table Cover
The Good Good Table Cover
The Good Good Table Cover
The Good Good Table Cover

The Good Good Table Cover

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One roll of The Good Good disposable table cover is all it takes. This portable and customizable table covering is the simple solution to ensure a clean and sanitary surface anywhere. With The Good Good, simplify your daily meal clean up, easily set up for those quick snack stations after soccer practice, and be prepared for any outdoor picnics. The Good Good is practically packaged to be space saver whether you keep it in your kitchen drawer or keep a roll in the trunk of your car for those spontaneous moments. 

Each package comes in a durable shell with a roll of table covering and a slide cutter inside.

The Good Good is:


how to set the perfect table

Back to Basic

The most basic table setting should include a fork, knife, spoon, and napkin beside the centrally placed plate. As a general rule, the folded napkin with fork is placed to the left of the plate while the knife and spoon are placed to the right in that order. Guests may bring and place their beverages as they enjoy their meal!

Casual and Collected

The casual table setting takes the basic table setting up a notch! Add some flair to the table by placing or tying the napkin with a knot. If additional course such as a salad or soup before the main course, add the plate and bowl on top of the centrally placed main course plate. Add a water cup placed directly above the utensils placed on the right side of the main plate.

Formal Traditions

The most formal table settings include everything your guest may need for all the courses they will be served. The soup bowl and salad plates are no longer optional. Include both along with the soup spoon and salad fork. Formal dinners conclude with dessert so don't forget the dessert spoon placed just above the main plating set up. Final touch ups include wine glasses for each type of wine that will be served and name plates to make each guest feel welcomed.

Holiday Gatherings

With the holiday season just around the corner, simplify all the upcoming gatherings with the good good table cover. Use the table cover to ensure tables are protected and wrap the mess after for a quick and easy clean up.